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If you’re looking for the McDonald’s of imaging- safe and popular but kinda pukey, you can pretty much take your pick because thanks to the magic of technology anyone who can fog a mirror is now a ‘voice over’. But if you are looking for slightly different shade of VO guy for your slightly different kind of station, you might be looking for Drew. If you’re looking for a VO who understands how many stations and tasks you are responsible for, that’s Drew. If you are looking for a VO that can endear your listeners with clever, funny and relatable communication rather than just a put on voice, that’s Drew. He also has a knack for delivering comedy writer quality outtakes and lots of them, so you have more time to do the million things you have to do today, like accepting pats on the back for your great sounding station from the corner office types.

If you only have car wash/20% off Hamburger certificates or a minute or two a day, he’s also available for barter through the good folks at Benztown Branding. They will turn your car wash certificates into cold hard cash and hot Costco coffee that will keep Drew awake and the lights on in his studio. What a business, eh?