Making E-Learning Voice Over Easier with Word2Wav

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E-Learning is the bread and butter work of many voice actors. You can bet for every movie trailer that gets cut there are few thousand e-learning projects booked. The good news is someone has to voice all those slides and most professional e-learing producers know that a professional project needs a professional voice.

For voice actors, eLearning is a love/hate relationship. On the upside, it’s steady work that’s less competitive than commercials and you tend to learn something, often something interesting. On the downside, the projects often take days or weeks to complete, don’t pay as well as voice over for commercials or narrations and most importantly, naming hundreds or often thousands of files is tedious and extremely time consuming.

Anyone who’s done it will agree, the file naming requirements for most eLearning projects take up as much, if not 2-4 times more time than voice over work itself, even if you have a great system. You also must be extremely detail oriented about those file names or you’re not going to be getting hired again.

Alas, some specialty software called Word2Wav has hit the market that makes the process lightening quick and deadly accurate.

The program is a dream come true for voice talents who specialize in eLearning and those new to it alike. Basically, it takes the most time consuming part of an eLearning voice over project and automates it. You record your graph, click once and it automatically pulls the file name from the script and saves it. It will even do batch processing and has several other very helpful features to save you time. It’s pretty easy to figure out but if you have trouble the video tutorial (linked below) is great at clearing things up.

There are several different versions of the software depending on how much you use it and which features you need. They even offer what amounts to basically a trial for around $75 that comes in handy if you only occasionally book eLearning work. Either way though, if you do voice over for eLearing, Word2Wav will ensure your file naming accuracy and significantly improve your hourly rate to the point that it’s truly a no brainer.

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