One Simple Trick to Add Hours to Your Day and Break the Facebook Habit for Good

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Based on the amount of activity I see from my colleagues on Facebook, I’d say it’s a safe assumption that there’s a bit of time wasting going on. Sure, Facebook is useful for some work related things but lets be honest, work is probably about 1-2% of what it’s used it for. Six months ago, I kept noticing that I would open a browser tab for a work related task and before I consciously realized it, I had typed “f” into the browser window, (The all too clever Chrome knows where I was headed with as little as one letter) and somehow I had 5 tabs of crap open and my brain was mush. Recognize that story? I decided it was wasting enough of my day that I needed to do something about it. If I’m going to waste time during the week it’s not going to be sitting at my desk.

I’d love to say I had the will power to just stop myself but apparently the Pavlovian response was hardwired pretty deeply into my brain. I tried cutting down and was successful for several weeks but eventually, I was back to following Buzzfeed links all over the nether regions of the web that did nothing more than drop IQ points and guarantee I would be working late. I think we’ve all been there.

I tried a few paid for blockers but they reset when you close your browser and are too easy to mindlessly disable. I need something that blocked the site and was difficult enough to undo that I would rethink it before turning my brain to mush everyday.

Finally, I stumbled upon a method that has been working. Instructions are below but here’s why it works. The code blocks Facebook (and/or any other time sucking sites) on every browser and never resets. It’s not easy to undo. Unless you are a computer nerd, in that case you already know too much and shouldn’t have tried so hard in school. As long as you’re not a wiz in the system files you will forget how to undo this in a few days. After that it will take long enough to figure out, that logical part of your brain will catch up and redirect that simple minded idiot that lives in your head back to work, before you turn you mind to mush watching Russian dash cam videos.

Feel free, in fact I would encourage you to leave the app on your phone. Most of us need to keep up with social media to one degree or another. The good thing is, you are much less likely to spend more than a few minutes scrolling through on your phone and opening 20 tabs before you know what hit you.

Here are the instructions for

Voila, you just outsmarted your own time wasting brain. Now make sure to forget how you did it and don’t bookmark this post!


Drew Carpenter

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