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Without a doubt, one of the best voice over resources I’ve come across has been The Producers Podcast.

Ryan Drean is a Texas based voice talent and radio imaging producer and has banked over 65 shows interviewing voice talent, imaging producers and sound designers. He’s interviewed some of the biggest names in voice over, Steve Stone, Brian Lee, Harry Legg, Stew Herrera and many more. The type of talents interviewed varies, nearly all are involved in radio imaging but many have huge commercial, affiliate, promo and trailer careers as well, which they discuss in detail. I’ll go back to some episodes every 6 months or so when I need some motivation and I pick up something new each time. In a business where you are on your own for everything, hearing talent who’ve made it to the big leagues talk candidly about how they got there and stay there is invaluable.

Ryan, being a voice talent himself, asks pretty much the same questions we all would if given the chance to talk with someone like Brian Lee or John Willard – How did you get started? What kinds of work do you do? What does you average day look like? How do you market? And there is no shortage of gear talk, nearly every talent will fill you in on their audio chains and recording environments throughout their career.

One best thing to come out of the podcast is the realization of how generous and eager to help the big names in the voice over industry really are. Nearly all the VO’s interviewed are more than happy to share the details of their success, that’s something very special about this industry. No one achieves success in voice over alone. Most of the talent interviewed mention having great mentors to show them the way, that tells you a lot about how to succeed in voice over. Those at the top don’t see others as competition, they see them as the next generation of voice talent and are eager to help them. No matter if you are brand new to voice over or have been making your living at it for years you can surely benefit from hearing pros at the to of their game discuss the ins and out of the business and a big thanks to Ryan for doing the show.

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